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What is Omeka?

Open source project that includes web applications that are very useful for libraries, archives and museums. Omeka Classic and Omeka S. are very good foundations for any project seeking to publish, divulge or showcase any kind of cultural or scientific items, such as books, art, museum pieces or research production.

Omeka is a project of the Corporation for Digital Scholarship, the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, and George Mason University, with funding from multiple organizations.

The name and logo of Omeka are registered trademarks of the Corporation for Digital Scholarship.

Libnamic is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by or in any way officially connected to the Omeka project or its supporting organizations.

About Libnamic

Libnamic is a technology consulting company based in Cádiz (Spain) that is higly specialized in technology for universities, libraries, museums and archives. One of the main fields that we work in is Omeka consulting, providing extensive services that meet the demands of every client: either an institution or an individual.

Stick around with us and discover all the possibilities that this wonderful application has to offer.

Solution consulting

We detect your needs and determine if Omeka is the best choice and which version to use. Then we design a complete solution, identifying what is necessary to comply with your requirements.

Module development

Modules add functions or change the behavior of Omeka. In some cases, the development of this extra software is required in order to meet the client’s requirements.


Theme design

Themes determine the final appearance of Omeka sites. Libnamic has a team of designers that works closely with IT staff to fulfil the customer’s needs. This provides seamless and professional results.

Hosting and servers

Thanks to our cutting-edge server cluster, we can host Omeka sites, thus providing a completely managed service. It is also possible to have Omeka deployed on the customer’s infrastructure.

Settings and support

At project launch, we help by configuring the sites and guiding our customers in order to start using and managing Omeka.


Training the staff is a key part of most projects, so that the customer can work autonomously and not depend on Libnamic to use Omeka. We provide both on-site and online training courses.


For individuals

Online training

We provide online courses and free contents to help you get started with Omeka.

Get a completion certificate to add to your resume and improve your employability. Our online training programs also include one-on-one sessions and periodical webinars.

For institutions

On-site training

In the case of institutions with a numerous staff, we provide training services comprising digital contents, online courses, dedicated Omeka installs, telephone or videocall support and on-site training sessions.


Online exhibits


Library of the University of Seville

Research popularization

Omeka S for researchers

Library of the Carlos III University, Madrid

Digital catalog

UCM Digital Heritage

Library of the Complutense University of Madrid

Online exhibits


IdeaLab: Universities of Zaragoza and Complutense of Madrid

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Latest about Omeka at Libnamic

Director of UC3M Library talks about Libnamic

Director of UC3M Library talks about Libnamic

Teresa Malo de Molina, director of the Library of Carlos III University of Madrid, comments about her good experience working with Libnamic at a project using Omeka S. Teresa Malo de Molina's mention about Libnamic This presentation took place last June at an event...

Omeka Classic vs Omeka S

Ya hemos hablado, en diferentes ocasiones, sobre Omeka, siempre haciendo referencia a la versión S (Semantic), pero ¿Qué diferencias existen entre Omeka Classic vs Omeka S? En este post intentaremos mostrártelas de una forma sencilla y clara y darte nuestra opinión si...

Omeka S theme

Libnamic, in its eagerness to contribute to the Omeka developer and user community, has developed a free theme for Omeka S that improves the display of content. If you want to know how to modify the default Omeka S theme, you can see an entry here, in which we detail...

Bootstrap theme for Omeka S

Libnamic is a company specialized in developments with Omeka S, our clients are Universities and Research Centers around the world. Although Omeka offers a large number of possibilities, there are not many themes that allow improving its visualization. So from...

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