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Libnamic Hosting

Hosting your Omeka with us

We provide managed hosting services for institutions or users seeking to learn about Omeka.

Libnamic Hosting

Trust us with your Omeka and you won’t have to worry about installation, servers, backups, versions or security.

Our hosting system works with the latest of container orchestration technology. These advances allow for better security and availability. We can provide a huge range of server resources and additional services


Fully managed

Our team will install and manage your application, adding the modules and themes that you need. WIth the institutional plan, we’ll also take full care of updates.


Security and backups

Increased security and availability with Docker containers. We take nightly backups of files and databases and we keep them for at least 30 days. Ask us to restore a backup for no additional cost.


Our online support service will be available for all kinds of queries, including those about the use of the application with the Institutional plan.


Your Omeka will be really fast. Resources are dedicated for each customer and they are fully used on your application. Operating system and database engine overhead are included and don’t lower your dedicated resources. SSD disks ensure maximum content delivery speed and response time.


Do you want to learn Omeka? We’re launching training plans very soon that include your own server at no additional cost. Tell us if you’re interested.

Does your project need funding?
Give us the details and we’ll see what we can do.

Start using Omeka S today!

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If you would like to use Omeka in your institution or have any questions, you can reach us at:

+34 685 28 51 75

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