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Omeka S

The latest

Omeka Classic was first released in 2008; despite its power
within its simplicity, the application can be too limited for some cases.
The Roy Rosenzweig CHNM has created a new application
that is optimized, has more posibilities and is adapted to
modern world and technology.

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Why Use Omeka

Omeka S is a next-generation web publishing platform for institutions interested in connecting digital cultural heritage collections with other resources online.

Omeka is a great tool to show the world your content in a beautiful and easy way. Its user-friendly interface will allow staff to easily publish without further IT assistance.
Don’t stay behind. Showcase your best content now using Omeka.



Improved Search

Omeka S demonstrates an excellent integrated search engine, providing advanced search among different metadata, at the user‘s will.

Simplicity & Security

The new application allows for even easier operation. Multi-site and the new user management system improve security and decrease the impact of human errors.


Omeka S is even more customizable than Omeka Classic. In addition to themes and modules, functions like custom metadata definition and media file attachments are now much more powerful


Along with the redesign of the dashboard, Omeka S has been coded using the latest technologies. The Zend 3 engine makes Omeka S faster and more efficient.

Main Advantages

Users And Permissions

Different access levels and user permissions for each subsite

Powerful search engine

Since version 2, Omeka S uses an improved search engine that indexes full text

More Tools

The new interface allows users to learn and create content even faster


Connectors for Omeka Classic, OAI-MPH, Fedora repositories and DSpace

Semantic Web

Compatible with semantic web, providing linked open data. Hence: Omeka S

Multisite System

Independently configurable sites. Different access levels and permissions

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